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Causes Of Action

Beneficiaries who feel that the trustees did not act properly can seek remedies that include specific performance or monetary damages, claiming breach of fiduciary duty, or error or failure to make an accounting.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Trustees are held to a fiduciary standard, which is total loyalty to the best interests of the donor and the beneficiaries of the trust. If a trustee fails to meet this duty, the damages that result could be compensable.


Sometimes well-meaning trustees do not intentionally breach any standard; they simply make mistakes. Regardless of whether an error is intentional or not, you should not have to miss out on your inheritance as a result.

Failure To Make An Accounting

The law and most trust documents have clear guidelines regarding the duty of a fiduciary to make regular accountings to the principals and to other interested parties. As a beneficiary, you have a right to receive regular accountings of the trustee’s actions regarding the trust document.

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