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Corporate control issues can threaten a business’s viability or compromise the personal assets of those involved in the conflict. If your business is involved in a corporate control issue, you should consult with an experienced business litigation attorney.

At Cushing & Dolan, P.C., we have represented numerous clients in shareholder disputes. We are knowledgeable about these types of disputes, and skilled at achieving solutions that protect our clients’ rights.

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Corporate Control And Partnership Operating Agreements

Cushing & Dolan, P.C., has been representing business clients since 1984. We have experience in a wide range of shareholder dispute cases, representing both minority and majority shareholders.

A shareholder dispute can be complex. Have an owner’s rights been violated as a result of a breach of fiduciary duty by another owner? Is there a need to determine the value of an ownership interest to facilitate a buy-out? Do the owners have starkly different visions regarding growth and expansion?

With an in-depth knowledge of business law, recent court judgments, and business organizations, the lawyers at the Cushing & Dolan business law firm can sort through the issues, seeking to achieve the optimal solution.

A carefully considered, properly drafted partnership operating agreement can help you avoid an ownership dispute, or at the least, establish the process for dealing with internal disagreements. Having helped many businesses through ownership disputes, the business lawyers at Cushing & Dolan, P.C., have the experience needed to resolve your legal matter.

Retaining Cushing & Dolan As Counsel

Attorney Leo J. Cushing leads the shareholder disputes group at Cushing & Dolan, P.C. He is a former assistant attorney general and trial attorney for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as a forensic accountant and CPA.

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