Prenuptial Agreements

Boston Attorneys Creating Prenuptial Agreements

Preparing for the future by considering all possibilities

Fundamentally, any marriage is a legal arrangement – it is a contract between two people. As a savvy business person, you wouldn’t sign a business contract without a clear arrangement for the rights and responsibilities of each party upon termination of the relationship. Why should you treat marriage, one of the most important contracts you will ever make, any differently?

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Protect yourself in the event of a divorce. No one expects their marriage to end in divorce – but one in every two marriages will. By creating an effective prenuptial agreement, you can establish the terms of any separation at a time when you and your future spouse have a strong relationship, rather than trying to fight out the terms at a time when you can’t agree on anything. You can address matters such as alimony and property division when you are on good terms.

You can reduce the likelihood that you will drain your bank accounts to finance the expensive legal fees involved in a messy divorce. Prenuptial agreements can also be an effective means of asset protection – in the event of a divorce, you can preserve your familial assets for your heirs.

Quite simply, premarital agreements just make sense.

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