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Protecting Your Assets ∙ Minimizing Tax Consequences

Many of the attorneys of Cushing & Dolan, P.C., are also CPAs and hold an LL.M. (an advanced law degree in taxation). We understand that estate planning is all about protecting your assets and minimizing tax consequences. We know you want to make sure your wealth is going to be passed on according to your exact specifications. Our Gloucester estate and tax lawyers can help.

Estate Planning Instruments

An effective, comprehensive estate plan requires consideration of many different estate planning instruments and issues. Many of our lawyers are also certified public accountants (CPAs) or hold advanced law degrees in taxation (LL.M.). We also have been keeping up with the ever-changing tax and estate planning laws since our firm’s start in 1984. With more than 25 years of following the changing tax codes and estate planning regulations and helping our Massachusetts clients create effective estate plans, Cushing & Dolan, P.C., can help you create a strategy to pass on your wealth while minimizing tax consequences and protecting your assets.

We have experience handling all manner of estate planning issues, including:

Agency/Health Care Instruments

In addition to wealth transfer, an effective estate plan should consider agency and health care proxy issues for the possible event that you might become incapacitated or unable to communicate your financial and health care wishes effectively. Naming a health care proxy, financial agent (attorney in fact under a power of attorney) and making your specific wishes clear in a legally authoritative document are ways to make sure your wishes are met.

It is also a great burden lifted off of your family to not have to make your crucial end-of-life health care or financial decisions for you. They can simply look to your living will or durable power of attorney. The health care proxy will be able to make your medical decisions, and your attorney in fact will be authorized to make your financial decisions.

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