Guiding You Through Family Law Matters And Their Financial Implications

The intersection of estate law and family law can complicate your goals of leaving your estate to your partner or children, or planning for your own care and asset preservation. Attuned to these complex scenarios, the estate planning lawyers of Cushing & Dolan, P.C., can guide you to solutions.

Family Law Considerations In Estate Planning And Succession

We are primarily an estate and tax planning firm. Although we have veteran trial lawyers versed in Massachusetts family law, we do not typically litigate divorce and custody cases. Rather, our value to clients is in the anticipation of estate planning considerations, succession conflicts and tax implications of property division, financial support and long-term care planning.

With eight offices in the Greater Boston area, we extend a free consultation to individuals and couples in Massachusetts and New Hampshire regarding:

Get Help From An Experienced Firm

Several of our lawyers have advanced law degrees in taxation or CPA credentials, in addition to our extensive knowledge of estate planning, property agreements, mortgage law and probate. We can help clients draft agreements to protect their separate assets and capably address all the estate-related implications of a divorce or breakup.

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