Helping Partners Work Together Cooperatively

The best time to resolve disputes is before they have an opportunity to develop. When you are forming a new business as a partnership, an effective operating agreement can establish the rights and responsibilities of each partner.

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Preventing Disputes Through Effective Planning

The laws governing partnerships in Massachusetts are quite flexible. Partnerships give the partners a great deal of freedom in structuring their respective rights and responsibilities.

For this reason, it is especially important to clearly establish the respective obligations of each partner in the partnership agreement. By putting these terms in writing and incorporating them into the partnership agreement, you establish the terms that will govern your partnership relationship when the laws of Massachusetts do not provide guidance.

By clearly establishing the respective rights and responsibilities of each partner, you can minimize the disputes that will arise, and efficiently handle those disputes that do arise. For more than 20 years, we have addressed the business, legal and financial concerns of clients in Boston.

Working With Our Firm

Our lawyers have extensive experience addressing all business matters, so we understand the disputes that are likely to arise during the life of a partnership. This knowledge and experience allows us to create partnership agreements designed to fully address both the common and uncommon issues that partnerships face.

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