Creating A Long-Term Plan That Includes Medicaid

A lifetime of prudent financial decisions can be destroyed with just a few years of nursing home care. If you anticipate that you might spend time in a nursing home or other long-term care facility, or that your spouse may have to spend time in a nursing home, begin preparing your finances today. Even if you have substantial assets, effective Medicaid planning can limit the amount of money you must devote to health care.

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Early Planning Protects Your Loved Ones

To determine Medicaid eligibility, the government examines your finances within five years of your Medicaid application date. The sooner you begin preparing your finances for this application, the more effective you are likely to be.

We can advise you throughout the process, helping you prepare for Medicaid as part of our comprehensive estate planning services. Whether you need to begin creating a spend-down plan, wish to transfer assets to a trust, or need more unique arrangements, we can represent you.

The recent changes to Medicaid eligibility provisions do not address the concerns of a family. For example, if one spouse enters a nursing home facility, the other spouse may be required to become destitute, living practically only on Medicare assistance, before the spouse in the nursing home is eligible for Medicaid assistance. To avoid this, prepare with effective Medicaid planning. For more information about individual and spousal allowance, see the current Medicaid numbers.

How To Start Your Plan

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