Minimizing State And Federal Estate Taxes

Without proper estate planning, your estate may be needlessly subjected to federal or state estate tax. Cushing & Dolan, P.C., was founded as a tax law firm, and we are recognized in the Boston area and beyond for sophisticated strategies to eliminate or reduce “death taxes.”

Federal And Massachusetts Estate Tax Systems

Exemption Federal Estate Tax Exemption Federal Gift Tax Exemption
2003 $700,000 $1 million $1 million
2004 $850,000 $1.5 million $1 million
2005 $950,000 $1.5 million $1 million
2006 $1 million $2 million $1 million
2007 $1 million $2 million $1 million
2008 $1 million $2 million $1 million
2009 $1 million $3.5 million $1 million
2010 $1 million No Federal Estate Tax $1 million
2011 $1 million $5 million $5 million
2012 $1 million $5.12 million $5.12 million
2013 $1 million $5.25 million $5.25 million
2014 $1 million $5.34 million $5.34 million
2015 $1 million $5.34 million* $5.34 million*
2016 $1 million $5.45 million $5.45 million
2017 $1 million $5.49 million $5.49 million
2018 $1 million $11.18 million* $11.18 million*
2019 $1 million $11.40 million $11.40 million

NOTE: Massachusetts does not have a gift tax
*Prior to the Trump JOB’S

OB’SA,he exemption was $5,600,000 per person and the current exemption will sunset to $5,600,000 adjusted for inflation in 2026.Our attorneys provide comprehensive estate and tax planning services, with a particular focus on estate tax planning. We have solutions for estates of all sizes, from families whose total wealth may just trigger estate taxes to clients with multimillion-dollar estates who need advanced tax planning. Arrange a free consultation today.

Helping People With Estate Taxes In Massachusetts

The Massachusetts estate tax is independent of the federal estate tax. Even if you or “your estate” is exempt from federal estate taxes, your estate could be subject to Massachusetts estate tax, which applies to estates valued at $1 million (without exclusions). While the federal government taxes only the amount over the threshold, Massachusetts taxes the entire estate if it exceeds the threshold even by a single dollar. The state tax rate starts at 2percent

percent but increases to a maximum of 1%

percent percent.Offering Sophisticated Tax Solutions

It is not always possible to escape state or federal estate taxes entirely, but it is very possible, to substantially lower them. Our team of experienced tax lawyers employs various revocable and irrevocable trusts to defer taxes or reduce the taxable portion of estates. We also advise on IRA planning and other methods for reducing the estate tax burden on your beneficiaries.