Speak With Attorney Todd E. Lutsky On His Radio Programming

Todd E. Lutsky

Attorney Todd E. Lutsky provided his expertise from 1998-2013 as the Co-Host on a nationally syndicated live call-in radio talk show entitled Money Matters in which he answered questions and provided information on topics such as asset protection planning, Medicaid eligibility, how to avoid probate, income and gift tax issues along with other estate tax planning matters. In 2013, Attorney Lutsky was given the opportunity to host his own radio show called “The Legal Exchange with Todd Lutsky,” a talk show aired on weekends with news and advice on estate and asset protection planning. It can be heard every Saturday at 4:00pm on WRKO in Boston. A complete list of stations and air times can be found below. This show focuses on educating the public on estate, gift and income tax planning matters, asset protection and Medicaid eligibility matters as well as advanced Medicaid planning and the preservation of assets through the use of Medicaid irrevocable grantor income only trusts.

In January 2015, Attorney Lutsky was asked to do another radio show called “The Real Life Stories of The Legal Exchange.” This is a show where he will explain situations that he has encountered during his career and provided estate, gift, income tax and nursing home planning solutions to help others avoid the same problems and/or traps for the unwary. The goal is to educate Americans one story at a time. The show can be heard every Sunday at 4:00pm on WRKO in Boston as well as 10 other stations across New England.


Complete List of Stations & Air Times

WRKO AM 680 Boston, MA

Saturday 4PM, Sunday 4PM

WXTK FM 95.1 Cape Cod

Saturday 7AM, Sunday 6AM

WTAG AM 580 Worcester, MA

Saturday 1PM, Sunday 6AM

WTAG FM 94.9 Worcester, MA

Saturday 1PM, Sunday 6AM

WHYN AM 560 Springfield, MA

Saturday 3PM, Sunday 1PM

WHJJ AM 920 Providence, RI

Saturday 7AM

WGIR AM 610 Manchester, NH

Saturday 8AM, Sunday 9AM

WELI AM 960 New Haven, CT

Saturday 8AM, Sunday 8AM

WBNW AM 1120 Boston, MA

Saturday 7AM, Sunday 2PM

WPOP AM 1410 Hartford, CT

Saturday 8AM, Sunday 8AM

WNNH FM 99.1 Concord, NH

Saturday 12PM, Sunday 1PM

WEMJ 1490 AM Laconia, NH

Saturday 8AM, Sunday 7AM

WEMJ 107.3 FM Laconia, NH

Saturday 8AM, Sunday 7AM