Estate planning crucial for same-sex couples

Couples in same-sex relationships have often found themselves the victims of discrimination. There are countless examples of partners being refused health insurance or other employment benefits because they are not considered to be married under the law. It can be difficult for these couples to build and raise a family because of these challenges.

While many states have improved conditions for same-sex couples, they are still struggling to achieve the rights that all other married couples have. Massachusetts is one of the few states in the country that allows same-sex couples to marry. In other places across the United States, these couples face significant hurdles in their quest for equal treatment.

Same-sex couples in Massachusetts

Even though same-sex marriage is recognized in Massachusetts, it is still a good idea for these couples to draft a comprehensive estate plan. There are a lot of concerns that can be easily addressed by creating documents that can ensure your family is cared for in the event that you or your spouse passes away.

The crucial components of any estate plan include items such as a will, health care proxy, power of attorney documents, child custody declarations, and also trusts, if necessary. This can ensure that children will be protected and that any property will go to the intended beneficiary. If an individual is unable to make decisions about the medical care that they should receive, the health care documents can let family members know what types of measures will be permitted.

One extremely important thing for couples in same-sex marriages to remember: the laws for each state can be very different from those currently in effect in Massachusetts. If you relocate somewhere else, these documents become even more important. Be sure to keep them updated if your family situation changes.

Estate planning is one of the things that many people put off, often because it can be difficult to think about death. However, it is a critical issue for same-sex couples. It is important to protect your family if you should pass away unexpectedly.

Drafting a comprehensive estate plan can help you ensure that those most important to you will not experience additional burdens during this difficult time. Couples in same-sex marriages may often encounter additional obstacles because people are sometimes unaware of relevant laws, which can create frustration for everyone involved. Speaking with an attorney experienced in the issues that face same-sex couples can help you trust that your wishes will be followed.