If you plan to remarry after a divorce, you may want a prenup

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Divorce can make some people question the institution of marriage. Still, when you find someone who cares about you and respects you, you may find yourself willing to try it again even if you once swore you would never do so. 

Remarrying can give you a broader base of family support and your romantic partner more security in your relationship. Before you make that commitment, however, it’s very important to consider the lessons you learned at the end of your first marriage. Drafting a prenuptial agreement will benefit both of you.

You don’t need to go through a messy divorce ever again

If you had to endure a contentious, litigated divorce, that process may have turned you off to marriage more than your spouse’s behavior while you were actually married. Divorce is expensive and can sometimes be humiliating and disempowering. 

Leaving everything to the courts does not feel good. Thankfully, a prenuptial agreement paves the way for an uncontested divorce with minimal expenses. You and your spouse get to control all of the terms. More importantly, you set them when you are happy with one another, so there’s no dispute if your relationship sours.

Your risk for divorce is higher in a second marriage

Divorce rates for first marriages hover at around 50%, but it goes up to over 60% for second marriages. No matter how committed you are to the relationship, recognizing that statistical risk makes a prenuptial agreement a reasonable and practical form of protection. 

Drafting a prenuptial agreement might help solidify what you want from the marriage and set both of you up for a calmer, happier marriage.


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