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What could invalidate a prenuptial agreement?

If you may divorce and have a prenuptial agreement, it’s a good idea to take that prenuptial agreement to your attorney’s office to go over it. There are some cases in which a prenuptial agreement could be invalidated, so you will want to be sure that your prenuptial...

How to ask for a prenup without causing a breakup

A prenup is the number one thing that can protect your assets (including your fledgling business) when you get a divorce but a lot of folks are very hesitant about bringing up the subject to their intended spouses. Why? They’re usually afraid that they’ll look...

Sweeping Alimony Reform in Massachusetts

Last autumn, Governor Patrick signed a bill into law which fundamentally changed the ways in which alimony is calculated in Massachusetts. While the new law has not received an extraordinary amount of press, this sweeping reform is certainly worthy of such coverage....




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