Without time to consider it, a prenup may be invalid

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You know that a prenup can be invalid if it’s forged or if it contains illegal provisions, along with many other potential issues. You’re very careful to get all of the details right. You want this to hold up if you get divorced, rather than having it thrown out due to an oversight. 

Two days before the wedding, you’re finally done. You show it to your soon-to-be-spouse, who seems a bit frazzled by the whole thing. They take a quick break from wedding planning, though, and sign the document. You assume that’s perfect, but are you correct? Maybe not.

Lack of time can be a serious issue

The problem here is how close you already are to your wedding when you present the prenup to your fiance. A lack of adequate time to consider a prenup can be a massive issue. Your spouse may even use it as a reason to have the prenup thrown out during a future divorce. They can claim that they didn’t have enough time to really consider what the document would mean for their future and no time to consult an attorney of their own, and they can blame you for that oversight. 

A related issue could be that they didn’t read the document at all or that they felt under duress to sign it. After all, canceling a wedding two days before it happens could be expensive and embarrassing. Even if you didn’t mean to do so, they could say that you waited so long that they felt they had no choice but to sign — despite their objections. 

Don’t let a simple mistake ruin all of your planning. Take the time to carefully consider your legal options when it comes to prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. Working with an attorney can help.


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