How to bring up a prenuptial agreement during an engagement

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The beginning of an engagement is an exciting time. People who have gotten to know each other and who are happy about their relationship decide that they want to make a longer-lasting commitment by getting legally married. Couples often celebrate their engagements with social media announcements and parties.

It is common for newly-engaged individuals to begin enthusiastically planning their weddings or dreaming about their honeymoon trips. Unfortunately, focusing too much on the excitement and romance may prevent people from taking the right steps to protect themselves as they embark on this new adventure with their partner.

Choosing to draft a prenuptial agreement during engagement is a smart move for many newly-engaged couples. Yet, it can be a tough subject to discuss initially. How can one fiancé propose a prenuptial agreement to the other without damaging the romantic relationship?

By focusing on the positive

There was once a time when people talked about prenuptial agreements as a plan for marital failure. The social attitude towards such marital contracts was that someone requesting a prenuptial agreement expected their marriage to fail. Decades of research have shown that even those who start their marriages in good faith and with the best of intentions can still end up divorced. Therefore, prenuptial agreements are not about planning to fail but instead are about addressing a known risk.

Couples who draft prenuptial agreements are often in a better position to maintain a healthy marriage than those who marry without discussing major issues with each other. The process of negotiating a prenuptial agreement can help both spouses establish realistic expectations for the marriage. Communicating about what the spouses expect from marriage can help them avoid common pitfalls, such as differing long-term plans or values.

Prenuptial agreements can also talk about financial rules for a divorce as well. The process of clarifying what might happen during a divorce can prevent people from thinking that the grass is greener when the marriage goes through a rough patch. Additionally, people may feel more confident about combining their finances and lifestyles when they have set aside certain resources as their separate property and pushed for protective terms in their marital contracts.

Taking the time to discuss a prenuptial agreement during an engagement could help people feel happier and more confident about the decision to marry. The right approach to discussions about a prenuptial agreement could defuse any potential source of conflict inspired by the suggestion.


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