Building a solid foundation for your business

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Some entrepreneurs enter a business venture with much excitement and without much thought. Businesses often fail because their foundations are not stable enough to support their existence and development. Here are some factors to consider when beginning any business.

Identify your target market

Your business relies on customers and clients to profit. If you know who you want to target with your product or service, it will be much easier to establish a platform for the most advantageous business type. Client-focused businesses market themselves through their relationships with existing clients. Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor in enhancing growth and stability.

Choose the right business entity

Now that you know who your clients are, you would have to choose a business formation that would most effectively carry out your operations. Massachusetts thoroughly defines the types of business organizations. The business entity will determine your own personal exposure and liability to risks and taxes that come with any business. It will also allow you to compute the initial capital and what necessary moves you need to make for a return on investment. You may need more partners or more investors moving forward.

Employ the right people and take care of them

As your business grows, you will eventually employ more people. Employment and labor laws evolve all the time, and you should be aware of these as an employer. One disgruntled employee can ruin your entrepreneurial plans.

It is important to have employee policies and guidelines to protect your rights and that of your employees. You should also have employment agreements to explain the expectations and limitations of their duties clearly. Remember, it is your duty as an employer to prevent employee discrimination.

Know your competition

Competition is inevitable in any business. It sets a standard to the quality of goods and services companies provide. Market research, pricing valuations and advertising strategies directly impact the existence and success of any business. Know what you are up against, and whenever possible, do better.

Have a vision and mission

Be clear and consistent with your business goals. What do you want to achieve, and how will you achieve it? Your mission and vision must be feasible within a timeline so that you keep growing and the growth is consistent.

Legalize everything

Verbal agreements are not enough, especially when millions of dollars are on the line. Employment contracts are just as important as the contracts you make with the government, investors, partners, suppliers and clients.

Protect the business you want to build. Your business foundation is the framework of your success.


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