Does your company need more staff? 

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You started a company a few years ago and it took off from the beginning. You identified a niche market and have been taking advantage of this. Your current staff is loyal and hard-working but it seems like your team is struggling to meet demands. 

When might it be time to start thinking about adding to the workforce

Customer satisfaction has dropped 

Your firm has a reputation for getting things done quickly and to a high standard. Recently, however, you’ve received some complaints about delays and miscommunications. It’s not that your current staff don’t care or aren’t capable, the current workload is just a bit too much to handle. If you are unable to honor your side of the contract, this could result in legal challenges down the line. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about recruiting to relieve some of the pressure and risk of litigation. 

Your time is not being utilized 

You’re an entrepreneur and your strengths lie in finding ways to take your business to the next level. Recently, you’ve been bogged down with administrative tasks though, and your business might end up in a rut if this continues. For your business to thrive, it’s important that everyone utilizes their strengths and engages in a role that suits them and your company. 

Bringing in new staff could help to negate the risk of disputes with customers, but you’ll also need to make sure these staff members understand both their legal duties and rights. Seeking guidance before making your next move could ensure that everything remains above board.  


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