How estate planning helps to keep the peace after you pass

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Have you created a list of who gets your antique grandfather’s clock? Or the silver from your first marriage? If not, you are likely setting your family up for quite a bit of conflict after you pass.

The good news is, you can work to keep the peace after you pass, now while you are still alive. Creating an estate plan will ensure that everyone knows your wishes and that they are carried out how you say.

What happens if you don’t have an estate plan?

If you don’t create an estate plan before you pass, matters may be left in the hands of the courts. This creates stress, but it also often keeps those closest to you from being able to grieve and mourn your passing.

Ensuring your will isn’t contested

Sometimes, even if you have a will, family members (or others) will contest the will. You can avoid this by adding a no-contest clause. The good news is that these are enforceable in Massachusetts. By adding this to your estate plan, you can feel confident your wishes will be adhered to after you pass.

Don’t wait to create your estate plan

Some people believe they are too young or don’t have the assets to constitute the creation of an estate plan. However, it’s recommended that you have these documents created while you are still of sound mind and body. This is going to help prevent issues down the road.

Also, once you have an estate plan created, you can have peace of mind that your family will not experience conflict related to your belongings or assets after you pass. 


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