Common legal problems that can affect businesses

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When setting up and running a Boston business, it pays to keep an eye out for any issues that could develop into legal problems. However well things are going, be aware that it only takes one lawsuit to put a company’s fortunes on a downward slope.

These are some of the common reasons companies find themselves in court:

  • Discrimination: Ensure your workplace has strong anti-discrimination policies in place to avoid a worker filing against you for harassment or discrimination. Take time to understand the laws you must comply with. Remember that you could be sued by someone you don’t hire, as well as one you do.
  • Health and safety: The stricter you are on safety, the less likely an accident occurs. As an employer, you need to ensure the workplace is safe for everyone that enters the property, no matter if they are employees or the general public. While some safety procedures may seem cumbersome and appear to slow you down, defending against a lawsuit because someone has been injured would be far more difficult.
  • Contract breaches: When you sign your name to a bit of paper, you need to be sure you can comply. A well-written contract can also protect you when the other party does not keep their side of the deal.
  • Intellectual property issues: You cannot pluck new ideas from thin air. They come from absorbing what has gone before and building upon it or combining it in new ways. The problem is people have already claimed some of those ideas. If your original innovation is too close to someone else’s, you may face a lawsuit for infringing on their rights. By the same token, when you have a great idea, take the necessary steps to protect it before someone else claims it as their own.

If you are a Boston business owner, consider using an experienced business attorney’s services to review your business and any agreements you have in place. They may spot an omission that could cause your problems in the future.


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