Making changes to an estate plan after a divorce

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Going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful experience that could bring about a variety of changes in life. Individuals in Massachusetts to encounter a similar circumstances in life may wish to take every possible measure to protect their futures, but with a multitude of topics to address, knowing the necessary steps to take could seem intimidating. Those who experience a similar life change may find it helpful to consider reviewing their estate plans and making the necessary modifications to keep their plans in line with their current preferences.

After going through a divorce, there are a variety of estate planning topics a person may need to address. For instance, reviewing and updating information on health care directives could be essential to ensuring one’s needs are provided for should the unthinkable occur. In addition, updating power of attorney information may also be vital to ensuring one’s assets and finances remain protected.

A similar life change could also impact one’s wishes and preferences concerning beneficiary designations. Reviewing the terms of a will or trust could also be an integral part of ensuring one’s plans for the future align with his or her current wishes. Life insurance policies may also be a significant concern for those going through a similar life change and taking the necessary steps to address this topic could help prevent a potential disaster.

Updating an estate plan following such a major change in life could prove imperative to protecting one’s plans for life ahead. Those who experience a similar situation and wish to obtain guidance on the topics to address could benefit from consulting with an attorney for advice. An attorney can provide a client in Massachusetts with assistance in reviewing the current estate plan and making the necessary modifications to align the plan with his or her wishes for the future.


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