Estate planning: Outside pressure can alter one’s decisions

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When it comes to making important decisions, it might not be uncommon for individuals in Massachusetts and elsewhere to feel pressured into a certain course of action. While in some cases, this outside pressure might not have a significant impact on one’s life, sometimes the influence of another party could have detrimental ramifications. With estate planning, those who experience undue influence could feel pressured into making decisions that do not align with their preferences and wishes for the future.

While studies indicate that similar concerns are more prevalent among seniors, undue influence can affect virtually anyone. Experts also indicate that individuals who are culpable of such behavior may be more prone to targeting those who are less capable of standing up for themselves. Those who are subjected to such treatment could feel pressured into making modifications to beneficiary information or into gifting away valuable possessions.

Experts say there may be certain signs which might indicate the possible presence of undue influence. Understanding how to identify such behavior could prove vital to safeguarding one’s wishes for the future. Even if the testator of a will has already passed away, those who suspect the presence of undue influence may still be able to contest the validity of the document.

Planning for the future can already be an intimidating process and the presence of undue influence may only act to further complicate matters. Those who suspect such behavior could find it helpful to consult with an estate planning attorney for advice on the best course of action to take to protect their interests. An attorney in Massachusetts can work toward protecting a client’s legal rights while helping develop a plan that is centered around his or her wishes for the future.


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