Oral wills in the state of Massachusetts

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Wills can come in many different forms. They are most commonly written down and formally submitted during the lifetime of the willmaker. However, not everyone makes a will formally before the end of their life; therefore, in some limited circumstances in the state of Massachusetts, certain people can make an oral will before the end of their life.

Oral wills are when a person has not made a written will, but he or she wants to make the wishes that he or she has in regard to personal property clear. Often this can occur when a person is suffering from a sudden illness or crisis, and fears that he or she may pass away without having time to make a written will.

Are oral wills accepted as a legitimate form of will making in Massachusetts?

For the most part, making an oral will in the state of Massachusetts is not accepted by the courts. The only circumstances in which people can make an oral will is in the situation of them being soldiers on active deployment, or as an active mariner at sea. In these circumstances, the oral will can only make wishes that relate to the willmaker’s personal assets.

Therefore, it is important that oral wills are never depended on. It is a good idea to think about creating a will as soon as possible so that you can relax with the peace of mind that you have made your wishes known. If you want to create a will in the state of Massachusetts, it is important to know what makes a will valid.


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