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Making the hard decisions in life is important for your well-being and peace of mind. Whether you are single, married or have children, it is important that you plan your estate as early in life as possible.

You should also plant to update it as major life changes occur. One of the most important and difficult decisions you will need to make is choosing what person you name in a power of attorney. There are some helpful tips for making the right decision.

When you begin your search for the right person to receive power of attorney, keep in mind that this should be someone whom you know and trust. You need to know that this person will follow your wishes down to the letter when you are gone. If this person has given you trouble in the past, they will likely cause trouble for your family in the future.

Another thing to look at when naming someone in a power of attorney document in Massachusetts is the person’s age. You really shouldn’t choose someone who is older than you. This person should either be the same age as you or younger. Many people choose an adult child or another trusted friend or relative.

The person you choose needs to be able to clearly communicate with professionals such as attorneys, doctors, financial planners and others. They should have a calm demeanor and knowledge of the issues that come with estate planning.

A power of attorney is a must-have protection when you put together your will and other estate documents. Make sure you choose the right person to handle the job in Waltham, Massachusetts or your family could be left in a precarious situation upon your death.


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