Your financial checklist after the death of your spouse

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Losing your spouse can be one of the most emotionally challenging things that you will ever have to go through. It is important that anyone going through the loss of his or her spouse seeks emotional guidance and counseling as a first priority. Your mental health and the process of grieving is the most important thing to take care of.

When you are ready, you will need to go through the financial process. If it is possible, you should ask the help of close friends and family when you are doing this. They will be able to support you at the difficult points.

Gather all documents

You should start by collecting all the necessary documents that you will need. Try and gather any insurance policies, birth and marriage certificates, Social Security cards and as many bank statements as you can. You can never have enough documents, so collect as much as possible.

Making funeral arrangements

You should get in touch with a funeral home and arrange the payment along with preparations. The funeral director can also help you to get copies of the death certificate will can help you in administration matters.

Notifying the employer

When you feel ready, you should also inform your spouse’s employer as one of the first priorities. The human resources department may provide you with paperwork that you need to fill in.

Losing your spouse is understandably a very difficult experience. It is, therefore, important to have support and guidance that can help you to settle the financial and administrative tasks that are necessary during this time.

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