Why you may want a will at a young age

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You’re still young, and you don’t anticipate using a will for decades. You’re not even married yet, and you’re still in college. Do you actually need a will?

When you decide to draft a will is up to you, but it’s not wise to assume they’re only needed by the elderly. Sadly, young people pass away every day due to disease, accidents, crime and many other things of that nature. You may want a will simply because you can’t predict when that’s going to happen to you.

One thing to note is that you probably can’t draft a will if you’re a minor. Once you’re past 18, though, you may want to get even a simple will on the books.

Consider your assets when deciding what course of action to take. Some young people, such as child actors or those who own start-up companies, could have significant assets, even if they’re only in their 20s and 30s. If you do, are you sure of what will happen to those assets without a will?

Finally, remember that you have digital assets that older generations did not have to deal with. You may have money in an online account, for instance, or you may have paid for digital goods like movies, music, art, video games or books. Should these assets be put into your will, even though you don’t physically own them?

Regardless of age, it’s at least wise to look into your legal options and to know where you stand. You can’t always plan for the end of your life unless you’re simply committed to planning well in advance.

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