New smartphone app lets user plan their own funeral

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It seems like everything else can be done on a smartphone app these days. Why not estate planning?

No, you cannot draft a valid will or trust on your phone. At least, not yet. But a new app developed in Boston may help you achieve peace of mind about death, while also giving loved ones a convenient way to learn about some of your end-of-life preferences.

According to the Boston Globe, the app is called Cake, as in planning for the end is a “piece of Cake.” It works by asking you questions about matters such as what you want to happen to your social media accounts after you die; whether you want to be buried or cremated; and whether you want any special music played or food served at your funeral.

These may be questions you have already answered in your estate plan, which can include directions for these things. But now you can remind yourself to update your estate plan on the go, such as when you hear a favorite song and decide it truly expresses your inner self.

It should be clear that Cake is not meant to take the place of a will, trust, medical directive and other important documents that might be part of a well-considered estate plan. Instead, the co-founder said, Cake is supposed to be a fun way to begin thinking about planning for the future, including meeting with an estate plan attorney.

This is indeed an important step to take. Thinking about death is rarely pleasant, but ensuring your things will go to the people you want to have it can be soothing.


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