Bringing up a postnuptial agreement to your spouse: 3 tips

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When you and your spouse are already married, trying to add new rules to your relationship might seem like it would be unacceptable. However, many couples do benefit from adding postnuptial agreements to their relationships and making sure that they have the protections they would need if a divorce ever were to occur.

If you want to put together a postnuptial agreement, there are a few things you can do to make the conversation easier. Here are three tips to help. 

Start the conversation about your finances, first

The first thing to do is to talk to your spouse about your finances and any concerns you have. During that discussion, you may find that your spouse has some assets they want to protect or debts they want to protect you from bearing. 

Avoid bringing up a postnuptial agreement during an argument

To reduce the likelihood of a postnuptial agreement being seen as a negative thing, you should avoid bringing it up during arguments. Unhappy that your spouse spent money on something you don’t agree with? That’s probably not the time to discuss a postnuptial agreement. Pick a normal time, one where neither of you is feeling defensive, to discuss the options. 

Consider having a meeting with an attorney to discuss financial protections

Another thing you could do is talk to your spouse about meeting with an attorney to go over protections that would help either of you in the case of divorce. By framing the situation as one where both of you can see benefits from a postnuptial agreement, your spouse may be more willing to agree to one.

These are three tips to help you bring up this important topic. It may take time, but having this conversation is important if you have assets to protect.


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