When can the probate process become delayed?

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The probate process can be lengthy at the best of times. But there are certain situations that can mean the process takes especially long. If you are starting to plan your estate in the state of Massachusetts, it is likely that you will want to do everything you can to make sure that your beneficiaries have access to their inheritance with relative ease.

Many people try to find ways to bypass the entire probate process altogether. However, if you have decided that you are comfortable with your assets going through the probate process, you will still likely want to simplify the process as much as possible for the sake of your beneficiaries.

Can estate taxes delay the probate process?

Any additional administration work is almost guaranteed to add months to the process of probate. If your estate is required to file a federal estate tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the processing time may take anything between 6 and 12 months.

What other situations can delay the probate process?

The probate process can also be delayed in situations where there are many beneficiaries. It is considered standard for an estate to have 2 or 3 beneficiaries, but when there are many more, the situation can become complex. Usually, the prolonging of the process is due to logistical issues.

How can I make the administration on my estate simpler?

It is common for estate planners to decide that using a trust is a worthwhile way of avoiding the probate process. If you want to simplify your estate plan through that method or using other legal means, it is a good idea to conduct further research or talk to an experienced attorney.


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