Signs that a will is fraudulent

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When a loved one passes away, it is likely that their assets will be subject to a will that they created in their lifetime. Usually, a will’s contents are distributed to the beneficiaries with no dispute. Occasionally, though, loved ones may feel that the will was surprising or suspicious in some way.

If you are surprised by the outcome of a loved one’s will in the state of Massachusetts, you may also have reason to believe that it was created fraudulently. The following are some red flags to watch out for in a fraudulent will.

Your loved one was dependent at the end of his or her life

If your loved one created a will that was shocking for you, it is possible that they were heavily influenced by another person toward the end of their life. Very often, those who are heavily dependent on caregivers at the end of their lives are subject to heavy influence. If it can be shown that undue influence was used in the creation of the will, it can be made invalid.

The will was created with no legal template

If the will was created at home with no legal template, this does not automatically mean that the will can be shown to be invalid. However, the will must be legally recognizable, with signatures from witnesses as well as from the testator.

There are many ways in which a will can be shown to be invalid or fraudulent; therefore, if you have any suspicion about your loved one’s will, it is always better to take swift action in order to be sure.


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