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Month: October 2017

Passing on wealth to the next generation

As you watch your children grow and perhaps also have careers, partners and children of their own, it will likely become increasingly important to you that you take care of the wealth that you've acquired during your lifetime, so that you can pass it on to the next...

Ten tips to reduce estate taxes

It can be in your best interest to reduce the amount of taxes incurred by your estate. After all, who wouldn't want to pass as much of their estate along to their loved ones as possible? To help you out, these are 10 tips for reducing estate taxes: Marital transfers...

What are health care proxies?

When people are writing their wills or living trusts, they are wise to think about any possible scenario that might arise after their death or during their lifetime when they might become incapacitated or of ill health. They naturally will want to prepare as much as...

How tax audits work in Massachusetts

If you have recently inherited part of an estate, you may feel burdened with the prospect of filing your estate taxes for the first time. You might also be worried about the likelihood of an audit being done, and would like to be as prepared as possible. The good news...




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