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Month: June 2014

How to talk to a loved one about an estate plan

An estate plan is something that everyone needs, but most people don’t want to talk about. That’s because it deals with an uncomfortable subject: death. For that reason, it can be especially hard to suggest that someone else such as a parent or a spouse...

Why a will isn’t enough to protect your estate

Many Massachusetts residents mistakenly believe that all they need is a will in order to protect their assets and property when they die. However, even with a valid will, the probate administration process still must take place, which is a long, expensive and public...

Conflicts of interest in will drafting

All lawyers in Massachusetts must follow the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct, which provide the standards for legal ethics and professional responsibility. Lawyers who practice estate planning in the state must be especially careful to follow the ethical...

Young, wealthy and without an estate plan

In the past, most people didn’t earn a significant income until well into their 40s or 50s. However, today we have plenty of young entrepreneurs who have made millions before becoming middle-aged, thanks to the tech industry. Oftentimes, these individuals are coming...




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