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Month: February 2018

How is an estate calculated after death?

It can be confusing to try to navigate the estate valuation process. Whether you are someone who is currently planning their estate and you want to understand the entire process, or if you are a person that has recently lost a loved one, it is important to conduct...

How to avoid unintentional tax evasion

Everybody wants to arrange their taxes so that they are advantageous and maximize their income as much as possible. While this is a natural and smart thing to do, many people accidentally cross the line and engage in practices that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

Why should I consider challenging a will?

The vast majority of wills get passed and go through the probate process smoothly. However, in around 1 percent of cases, there is an issue where for one reason or another the will is not deemed to be valid. These problems with wills getting passed usually lie with...




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