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Month: December 2017

Navigating federal estate taxes

Only a small minority of people are affected by federal estate tax. In fact, between December 2012 and March 2016, only .2 percent of Americans needed to pay federal taxes on their estate. However, state taxes are still applicable to many Americans today. Federal...

Avoiding undue influence claims in your will

Creating a will or a trust is as much about planning the legacy that you will leave for future generations as it is about achieving a peace of mind for yourself so that you know everything will be taken care of at the end of your life. In this way, it is natural for...

The types of probate available in Massachusetts

There are several different types of probate procedures when dealing with a deceased person's estate, and this can mean that it can be overwhelming to choose the best process for the situation that you are facing. The following is an overview of the four probate...

Why should I get my will notarized?

After a person dies, the will that he or she left will be put forward for probate so that the proceedings can begin. However, it cannot just be taken for granted that the will was written by the person in question. It must be "proved." In this process, the witness of...




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