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Estate Planning Solutions to Provide for Your Pet's Needs

For many people, a pet is part of the family. But what will happen to your pet after you die? You could entrust your pet to another family member or a friend. But there is no guarantee that your pet will be cared for as he or she deserves.

Since 2011, pet owners in Massachusetts have had an alternative. It is now possible to set up a pet trust that provides funds for the needs of your pet. A pet trust can also name a trustee to oversee the care of your pet and disburse funds for food, housing and medical care.

At Cushing & Dolan, P.C., we provide creative estate planning solutions, including the creation of pet trusts. An attorney at our firm can review your needs and discuss possible solutions with you.

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Pet Protection Solutions

You can provide for your pet in your will, by bestowing it on a family member or friend, and bestowing money for the pet's care. But that provides no assurance that the funds will actually be spent on providing for your pet's needs. And your will could go through probate. During that time, ownership of your pet will be in question, and the daily needs of your pet may not be provided for.

The creation of a pet trust, on the other hand, appoints a person as a trustee to manage funds you set aside for the care of your pet. You can also make specific directions regarding food, medical care and living arrangements for your pet.

Massachusetts Pet Care Trust Attorneys

After discussing your situation and that of your pet, an attorney at Cushing & Dolan, P.C., can provide more details regarding specific provisions to be included in the trust. Important considerations include your pet's needs and the age of your pet, which will in large part determine how much money must be placed in the trust.

Together, we will map out a plan to ensure that your pet's needs are provided for, and that he or she continues to enjoy a quality life.

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