Asset Protection

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Asset protection is a field that covers many different techniques, including estate tax reduction techniques, off-shore trusts, domestic asset protection trusts, and Medicaid trusts.

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There are many other ways to protect assets without using a trust, such as putting assets in a spouse’s name. For example, a wife who is not considered "at risk" could hold assets for a physician, CPA, or an attorney.

The technique could also be as simple as a homestead or using qualified plan assets, such as a 401(k) and a profit sharing plan, which are exempt from bankruptcy proceedings.

Even an IRA is exempt from a bankruptcy proceeding for an account balance up to $1,000,000.

Asset protection also deals with protecting your family assets from the cost of long-term nursing home care. Revocable Medicaid trusts and various types of commercial and private annuities may be utilized to protect your assets from the cost of long-term care. Please take a minute to explore our site and the various techniques available to you to protect your assets.

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